Land, Vineyards, and Homes in Mendocino County
Bud ThompsonCindy Lindgren, Mendocino County Landlady

Mendocino County Land and Vineyards
Mendocino County is home to fine California red and white wines. The cooler climate is ideal for Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Gewurztraminer as well as Pinot Gris, Sauvingnon Blanc, Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvingnon and Merlot. Our county features a range of micro-climates from foggy coastal to warmer inland regions and variations in elevation from sun-exposed ridges to wide-open valleys creating 10 diverse appellations.

Mendocino County vineyard land and land in general is more affordable than in our neighboring counties to the south, Sonoma and Napa and we are America's greenest wine region. This plus the varied terrain and expansive range of micro-climates, Mendocino County is able to produce an impressive variety of grapes that create superior California wines.

Bud And The Landlady - Your Mendocino County Real Estate Professionals
Bud Thompson was born and raised in Mendocino County and owns, manages, and sells vineyards and homes. Cindy Lindgren moved to Mendocino County 45 years ago to raise her family and is rightly known as the Mendocino County Landlady for her extensive knowledge and experience helping individuals and families buy and sell Mendocino County property for over 35 years. You will have at your disposal an extensive network of local trade, and county and agricultural professionals who know us and are ready to support you with their expertise.

We are here to help you sort through all that Mendocino County real estate has to offer.

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